Making the world a better place, one home at a time

"I just want to take this opportunity to let both you and your staff know of our appreciation for the fine work you've done on our home. As you know our plans were in disarray, we had a tight budget and we were under a time constraint that was immovable. When we finally contacted you, you and your staff immediately began taking control of the situation and masterfully attended to every detail. The redesign was done quickly and effectively incorporating all of the elements that we had hoped for and even a few items that we hadn't thought of. As promised you got us in on time with beautiful results. With two projects under our belts, we're looking forward to our third with Furcini Construction and you really do "make the world a better place, one home at a time"." Thank you again for all your help.

Tom & Pam Miner

"Furcini Construction built our beautiful home over five years ago, and I unequivocally deem them to be the finest custom builders in the valley. Jim Furcini, the owner, is a man of high principles, a true professional, and a consummate perfectionist. His dedication and attention to every detail makes the building process a most pleasurable experience - not always the case when one is building a custom home. To his credit, the Furcini crew are also exceptional in every way. They are a quality force and conduct themselves as such. Throughout the building process, nothing was impossible - no matter what we asked for. The had flawless demeanor at all times, kept their schedules, and delivered a top quality custom home on time. I'd also like to mention that Jim Furcini was very involved in the entire building process, and always available if I needed him. Additionally, and most unusual, was his artistry that came into play in the ultimate design of the home. It was his ideas alone that evolved into the exceptional "old world" stonework, and other design accents which make our home truly distinctive in its appeal. Five years later, we still call Furcini Construction when there is something to be done with our home. When Jim Furcini builds a home, he tends to take care of it forever!!"

Nancy & Ed McInnis

"We just wanted to take this opportunity after working together for the last several years to express to you our satisfaction and happiness with the Beautiful Estate that you have constructed for us. Your teamwork, professionalism and willingness to accommodate our wishes in building our Phoenix Retreat have helped make the project a One of a Kind State of the Art World Class Home. Thanks to you and your staff for a job well done."

Peter Sperling