The Furcini Difference

Distinctive Living Environments

Furcini Construction is a full service licensed construction company that specializes in residential homes and estates, custom remodeling, renovation and Commercial construction. We offer a highly personalized Design/Build Approach to all of our clients and provide turnkey services on all of our projects. Because well-situated land is held in such high regard, it is often the best choice to re-use many of the good and sound pieces of an existing property. Each decision it is analyzed on a case-by-case basis with a specialized Contractor/Design Team. We enjoy working with our clients to adjust their living conditions and have seen wonderful transformations of utility for our clients. Making homes suit the needs of the families is one of our very definite strengths. A Furcini home speaks of the individuals occupying it. We create distinctive living environments allowing your home to reach its
ultimate potential.

Furcini Construction prefers to work early on with their clients to assemble a capable and qualified Design Build team. Each project has checks and balances in place to assure every concern of the client is dealt with efficiently and effectively. A comprehensive & detailed job cost projection is offered at the conclusion of each phase of the Design Build process. This allows the client to know without question early on where and how their money is being spent. The client is able to balance their budget before the design is complete and in most cases before it is too late. This forecasting and the communication that takes place in the Design process sets the stage for a "No False Starts", "No Surprises" project and give the control of the budget back to the Owner... where it belongs.

Pre-purchase/Pre-Construction Consulting

Furcini specializes in creating one-of-a-kind custom homes, renovations and expansions. These peerless homes bring our clients' dreams to fruition. We offer at no cost, pre-purchase/pre-construction consulting to determine physical feasibility, scheduling, potential cost and investment viability for your project. Whether it's a vacant lot or an existing home to be renovated we will help you analyze before you commit. You will have many questions and we will do our best to help guide you through the realities of your project.