Green Building

Energy Efficient and Ecologically Sound Homes

Furcini Construction has always been a part of the Green Building movement. We subscribe to and promote the implementation of Earth conscience materials and methods, creating more permanent energy efficient and ecologically sound homes. With Green Construction principles applied, our clients have confidence in the healthful qualities embodied in their homes environment. We direct project parameters to include long-lived designs, maintenance minimizing products and finishes, cutting-edge energy efficient construction and utilization of ecologically sound materials.

Proper insulation, equipment and framing options will lower bills and add to your bottom line. Your family can be proud that they have created an environmentally responsible estate confident in its efficient energy and water usage. Whether it is a new home from the ground up, a renovation of existing elements, or a complete reinvention and reconstruction of an existing property, the aptitude required is the same. We excel at sifting through the various elements of existing homes and properties, identifying the reusable portions of the structure and improvements and reemploying those pieces as part of the reinvented project.

Build Greenwith a master builderin a living environmentthat you understand and control.